Researchers need convenient access to Health & Wellbeing Living Lab infrastructures and procedures, as well as policies that foster innovative, person-centred research. The Health and Wellbeing research community has invested a great deal of effort in creating Living Labs to conduct research and innovation projects, with a lifecycle limited to the project’s duration, due to non-optimal use of time and resources and lack of a harmonization framework for their provided services, which restrain the exploitation potential of research results from local communities.
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This Cloud Portal includes metadata catalogues which have indexed the Non Data Model compliant datasets but also metadata according to the VITALISE Data Model in T3.2. It allows users to browse and discover tools to identify the properties of the experiments, the available data and the access rules defined by the corresponding Living Lab.

The RAI Cloud Server is responsible for guaranteeing the perdurance of research analysis results in time and registering the information and research assets involved in a scientific experiment, upon a researchers request. These assets and information will be encrypted and written into blockchain network, producing a RAI identifier.